SHIPS (Sepesi Handling of International Processes System) is the first Export Management System which seamlessly interfaces with MFG/PRO. Written in PROGRESS, SHIPS provides a significant benefit to exporters running their business on MFG/PRO. SHIPS can be quickly and confidently installed and configured without concern for integration issues associated with choosing a standalone package. Additionally SHIPS retains the look and feel of the MFG/PRO product, reducing training time and providing consistency.


Import module which tracks for duty drawback, lot and serial tracking and reconciliation process support
Bill of Lading module
Create an export from a DRP order
Support for Centralized Sales Orders
Has independent site classification allowing international companies to properly classify their items and perform denied party searches
Red Flag Screening
Boycott Language screening
Updated SED and SL
  Seamless integration with MFG/PRO. Requires no modifications to MFG/PRO source code. 
  Consolidate one or more sales orders into a single export to the same destination.
  Uses MFG/PRO addresses and product information. No data redundancy.
  Generates original quality forms for printing on a postscript laserjet printer. No need for pre-printed forms
  Flexible definition and placement of text on forms.  
  Multiple export routings may be set up in advance by ship-to address, bill-to address or country. Use this to record preferred freight forwarders and special instructions.  
  Forms to be printed and number of copies can be set up in advance and tied to an individual ship-to or country.  
  Database of BXA (Bureau of Export Administration) country groups and country chart maintained to support export restrictions by ECCN and destination. 
  Exports to embargoed countries prevented. 
  Automatic screening for denied parties or destinations using "fuzzy" logic with most likely suspects listed for review. Review thresholds may be set as desired.  
  A fully searchable database of the BXA Denied Persons List, Specially Designated Nationals, Debarred Parties and Entity List maintained.  
  Denied party searches may be run standalone to check any individual address, all addresses on a given export, or on any words entered. Reports may be printed.  
  Updates to all Government tables and lists available 24hrs/day on SEPESI.COM website. 
  Supports enduser classification of product by HS Tariff code (Schedule B number) and ECCN (Export Commodity Control Number).  
  Supports enduser entry of export licenses and license exceptions which apply to a given product or group of products 
  Automatic assignment of license or license exception during creation of export.  
  Prevents creation of export documents if an export license is required, if a letter of assurance is required to use a given license exception, or if any other information is missing or incomplete.  
  Complete audit trail tracks full export lifecycle from creation of export through printing of documents. 
  Printed documents are saved to disk in postscript format for archival, reprint or to create Adobe Acrobat portable documents.