As part of Version 4.0, SHIPS™ now includes support for AES Filing (Automated Export System).  The AES module will enable you to electronically generate and upload your SED filings (Shipper's Export Declaration), directly to the U.S. Census. This module also includes comprehensive data verification rules to ensure complete and accurate compliance with government regulations.   This is a rather extensive module, which required changes throughout the system as well as several additional menu selections.  There is also a registration process involved with implementing this module and additional data uploads required to support the verification process.   The following are some of the upgrades for SHIPS Version 4.0:

  1. AES Direct Functionality (Described above) includes
    1. AES file generation and electronic filing
    2. AES Confirmation and Verification
    3. AES Quick fix and re-filing capabilities
  2. New Forms
    1. Chile Free Trade Agreement
    2. No Wood Certificate
    3. New form created for Caribbean Common Marked Invoice
  3. New Functionality Blanket NAFTA
    1. New Print Program to produce a Blanket NAFTA form
  4. NAFTA Preference Enhancements.
    1. NAFTA rules base configuration. This new feature allows you to accurately classify your purchased items for NAFTA and Country of Origin Classification.  This is handled by a set of schedule B rules based configuration logic.  This determines your country of origin and the NAFTA preferential treatment of your manufactured items based on percentages and costs.  These values are obtained through your item’s Bill of Material or your item configuration.
    2. Additional NAFTA certification fields
    3. Prints the "NAFTA Pref" value and description on forms if selected.
  5. HTS Number utilization in the Export Module
    1. HTS Number can now be specified for all Export Items
    2. Ability to choose (by form) whether to use Schedule B or HTS Number
    3. All forms updated to print the appropriate information.
  6. Import Module Improvements:
    1. The SHIPS Import Module has also been enhanced to make the importing process simpler.  This allows companies to manage the costs of importing, obtain the duty drawback they are entitled to, and to have accurate and verifiable records to substantiate their claims.
  7. Miscellaneous other modifications:
    1. Multiple Countries of Origin functionality.  This is maintainable at the Export Item level, as well as the Export Maintenance level.   All export documents were also modified to list the multiple countries selected
    2. Expanded the Port of Entry field to 40 characters in several places including the F2 help.
    3. Added validation to Port of Export and Port of Entry in Routing Maintenance
    4. Added “Package Detail” to the Export Item Maintenance screens.
    5. Audit Trail recording has been greatly enhanced.

The developers of the SHIPS™ package are always working on improving the software and keeping up with the perpetually changing Government regulations.  We are currently working on the globalization of the SHIPS™ package to enable overseas companies as well as those in the United States to take advantage of the features we provide.  This globalization feature, though not complete, has great potential in for our Customers with international interests as well as the international market

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